How to Display output in Powershell GUI ListViewbox as a table format?

I have tried a below code to display output in the ListViewbox. But i can't display any output in the box.

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms

$Form = New-Object system.Windows.Forms.Form
$Form.Text = "Form"
$Form.TopMost = $true
$Form.Width = 696
$Form.Height = 323

$button2 = New-Object
$button2.Text = "Go"
$button2.Width = 60
$button2.Height = 30
      $listView3.Text = Get-Process | Out-String
$button2.location = new-object system.drawing.point(238,70)
$button2.Font = "Microsoft Sans Serif,10"

$listView3 = New-Object
$listView3.Text = "listView"
$listView3.Width = 330
$listView3.Height = 600
$listView3.location = new-object system.drawing.point(269,146)


I need to display the output in the table format in the listbox as well.. Thanks in advance....

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