Calculate differences between sequences in vector, for distance matrix in R

Hi all I am trying to create a distance matrix from a random created sequence. #set the code

DNA <- c("A","G","T","C")
randomDNA <- c()

#create the vector of 64 elements

for (i in 1:64){
  randomDNA[i] <- paste0(sample(DNA, 6, replace = T), sep = "", collapse = "")
sizeofDNA <- length(randomDNA)

#this part that I want to iterate between vector's components

split_vector <- c()
DNAdiff <- c()
for (i in 1:length(randomDNA)){
  split_vector <- strsplit(randomDNA[i], "")[[1]]
  for (j in 1:length(randomDNA)){
  split_vector2 <- strsplit(randomDNA[j], "")[[1]]
  DNAdiff[i,j] <- setdiff(split_vector,split_vector2)
  #DNAdiff[i] <- lenght(setdiff(strsplit(randomDNA[22], "")[[1]],strsplit(randomDNA[33], "")[[1]]))

What it does not work is A: the setdiff does not work as I expect B: no array is created

Question how do I export the results of the setdiff (if it will work) to an array so that I will have the distance matrix like array? Any recommendation is highly welcomed. Thank you all

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