Readpst not fetching the "To" address email id properly

I am trying to extract a pst file in Linux (Debian 10) using the readpst command


**readpst -M -b -o . customer.pst**
Opening PST file and indexes...
Processing Folder "Deleted Items"
Processing Folder "Inbox"
        "Outlook Data File" - 2 items done, 0 items skipped.
Processing Folder "customer"
        "Inbox" - 1 items done, 0 items skipped.
        "customer" - 1 items done, 0 items skipped.

Here the problem is when I try to open the extracted eml file using vim

eg: vim Outlook\ Data\ File/Inbox/customer/1

To, CC fields contains only names, but not their email id's. Why readpst is not able to fetch the mail id's properly? Is there any tool/library which helps to extract the content properly? Any help is highly appreciated.

Many Thanks, Suresh

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