How to configure SAP SNC on Red Hat

I need to containerize a service that talks to SAP. The service is written using Spring Boot.

I have a document that performs steps manually on Linux Machine which will help to connect to SAP. The steps it follows are:

  1. Download required files
  2. Switch to the USer
  3. Unpack those files
  4. Create Sym Link
  5. Prep the certs and key
  6. Generating the PSE
  7. Add the SAP Root and intermediate certificate to the PSE and many more.

I'm thinking to write a Dockerfile that included all the above steps. Don't know of any other alternatives for now.

Few Queries:

  1. Is it a good idea to write a Dockerfile that has all the steps which we do any Linux machine manually which will also help me containerize the service which talks to SAP.
  2. Is there any other alternatives or libraries available to achieve the same.
  3. Does the docker file already exist which will help me to connect to SAP.
  4. How can I configure SAP SNC in my application using Dockerfile.

Can someone help me?

Appreciate all your help! Thanks in advance!

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