Can I implement codeless Application Insights for Java app services on Azure?

My goal is to to enable application insights for our java 8 app services on Windows. I'd like to implement codeless application insights if possible, but I'm uncertain whether this is currently supported for Java app services.

When I visit any documentation page regarding code-based application insights for Java, I am recommended to use the new Java 3.0 agent for Application Insights, which supports codeless monitoring.

However, the table on this page indicates that this is not yet supported for Java app services. But further down the same page it says: "The portal integration for monitoring of Java applications on App Service on Windows is currently unavailable, however, you can add Application Insights Java 3.0 standalone agent to your application without any code changes before deploying the apps to App Service. Application Insights Java 3.0 agent is generally available."

It's not clear to me what is meant with "portal integration" here. I have tried to implement the 3.0 agent using this documentation, and so far it works from my local machine, but not (yet) when deployed to the app service. So my question is whether I'm doing something wrong or that it isn't supported currently.


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