Why does the GCC Compiler not Support #pragma startup and #pragma exit directives?

I am a rookie in C language and was trying to learn the #pragma preprocessor directive. I looked up on Google and found this link: GeeksforGeeks Pragma Directive in C

In this link, they said that the #pragma startup and the #pragma exit Directives don't work in the GCC compiler. Why is it so??

I wrote the same program as given using the MinGW GCC compiler and it said the following warning:

warning: ignoring #pragma startup func1 [-Wunknown-pragmas]|

warning: ignoring #pragma exit func2 [-Wunknown-pragmas]|

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64897476/why-does-the-gcc-compiler-not-support-pragma-startup-and-pragma-exit-directive

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