How to use api key in node.js?

I am new to node.js and using API. I stored my API key in a .env file in the code below. When I execute my file, the terminal just says Error: The request is missing a valid API key. How do I tell the function/file to use the API key to authenticate and also for HTTP requests? How do you use API keys in node.js? I am very lost.

const APIKEY=process.env.KEY;
const translate = new Translate({projectId});
async function quickStart() {
  // The text to translate
  const text = 'Hello, world!';

  // The target language
  const target = 'ru';

  // Translates some text into Russian
  const [translation] = await translate.translate(text, target);
  console.log(`Text: ${text}`);
  console.log(`Translation: ${translation}`);


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