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The spreadsheet I am devising is to help me with the scoring of a football (or soccer depending where you're from) forum game I run. The idea is that each player picks 10 football teams and they get a point for each goal scored. However, they also pick one team which they think will not score any goals. If their team doesn't score they get 3 points but if the team does score they lose a point for every goal the team scores.

For example - Example A) The player picks Man Utd to not score a goal but they score 3. This means that the player would score -3 points. Example B) The player picks Man Utd to not score a goal and they don't. This means that the player would score 3 points.

Is there a way to create a formula for this specific selection to go into cells F13 and J13 which would match the team in the list in Column A to what I have entered in Column D and H and if the score next to this team (in Column B) is "0" it allocates 3 points to the cell F13 and J13 but if the score in Column B is above 0 (eg 3), the value in cell F13 and J13 reads as minus the value shown in Column B (eg -3).

Template spreadsheet can be found here - (not sure if I have set it correctly to allow editing but if I have then feel free to edit away)

Hope this makes sense!

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