How can I access a dataframe that is returned in another function (Python)

How my code works is in two steps.

I have one file called which filters my dataframe according to inputs. In this file there is a function update_df() which returns data_filtered

def update_df(ToEmail, FromEmail, ToJob, FromJob, Date):
    FromEmailF = (data['fromEmail'] == FromEmail)
    ToEmailF = (data['toEmail'] == ToEmail)
    FromJobF = (data['fromJob'] == FromJob)
    ToJobF = (data['toJob'] == ToJob)
    DateF = (data['date'] == Date)
    Filter = (FromEmailF & ToEmailF & FromJobF & ToJobF & DateF)
    data_filtered = data[Filter]
    return data_filtered

In another file, I need to access this data_filtered. I first imported update_df but I can't figure out how I can take data_filtered from the function. I tried the following

def datafilter(data_filtered):
    df = data_filtered
    return df

but now I can't access df either no matter what I do. I just need a way to get the dateframe itself. I hope any of you guys can help me and I can provide more info if needed.

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