Cannot deploy basic OpenWhisk action onto Kubernetes running with Minikube

I am trying to setup a simple POC of Apache OpenWhisk serverless framework running on Kubernetes. I am using MacOS with Minikube. Here are the specs:

Kubernetes: v1.20.2
Minikube: v1.17.0
Docker: 20.10.0-rc1, 4.26GB allocated

Here are the setup steps for Minikube:

$ minikube start --cpus 2 --memory 4096 --kubernetes-version=v1.20.2
$ minikube ssh -- sudo ip link set docker0 promisc on
$ kubectl create namespace openwhisk
$ kubectl label nodes --all openwhisk-role=invoker

Install OpenWhisk using Helm:

$ helm install owdev ./helm/openwhisk -n openwhisk --create-namespace -f mycluster.yaml

Configure Whisk CLI:

$ wsk property set --apihost
$ wsk property set --auth 23bc46b1-71f6-4ed5-8c54-816aa4f8c502:123zO3xZCLrMN6v2BKK1dXYFpXlPkccOFqm12CdAsMgRU4VrNZ9lyGVCGuMDGIwP

The IP address of Minikube was confirmed by typing:

$ minikube ip

Here is my mycluster.yaml file:

    type: NodePort
    apiHostPort: 31001

  httpsNodePort: 31001

I checked the health of my OpenWhisk setup:

$ kubectl get pods -n openwhisk
NAME                                                          READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
owdev-alarmprovider-5b86cb64ff-q86nj                          1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-apigateway-bccbbcd67-7q2r8                              1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-controller-0                                            1/1     Running     13         137m
owdev-couchdb-584676b956-7pxtc                                1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-gen-certs-7227t                                         0/1     Completed   0          137m
owdev-init-couchdb-g6vhb                                      0/1     Completed   0          137m
owdev-install-packages-sg2f4                                  1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-invoker-0                                               1/1     Running     1          137m
owdev-kafka-0                                                 1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-kafkaprovider-5574d4bf5f-vvdb9                          1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-nginx-86749d59cb-mxxrt                                  1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-redis-d65649c5b-vd8d4                                   1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-wskadmin                                                1/1     Running     0          137m
owdev-zookeeper-0                                             1/1     Running     0          137m
wskowdev-invoker-00-13-prewarm-nodejs10                       1/1     Running     0          116m
wskowdev-invoker-00-14-prewarm-nodejs10                       1/1     Running     0          116m
wskowdev-invoker-00-15-whisksystem-invokerhealthtestaction0   1/1     Running     0          112m

Finally, I created a simple hello world action following these instructions taken directly from the OpenWhisk documentation. When I try to test the action, I get a network timeout:

$ wsk action create helloJS hello.js

error: Unable to create action 'helloJS': Put "": dial tcp i/o timeout

I tried turning on debug mode with the -d switch, but could not make much of what feedback I am seeing.

My feeling is that there is either a bug at work here, or perhaps Minikube on Mac was never intended to be fully supported on OpenWhisk.

Can anyone suggest what I might try to get this setup and action working?

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