Specify utf-8 character encoding in RTF? The text (in UTF-8) format is correctly shown in Sqlite

How can I set the character encoding in RTF of characters that are in the UTF-8 character encoding format?

I studied similar questions, but did not found a good solution. So, I hope you can help.

The content is in a Sqlite database. The text in a Slqite database can only be formatted using UTF-8, UTF-16 or similar. So that's why I have to stick to UTF-8.

The e" is shown correctly using a Sqlite database browser.

The required target program, which can only read RTF, displays the characters in a strange way.

I tried for example:


An option is by mapping the special characters to their RTF-char equivalences, as shown in this table.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66275158/specify-utf-8-character-encoding-in-rtf-the-text-in-utf-8-format-is-correctly

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