Rails on Azure app service: "Could not find ‘bundler’ (2.1.4)"

I'm trying to deploy my Ruby 2.6.2 with Rails and I'm getting GemNotFoundException with Bundler:

 Running bundle check
`find_spec_for_exe': Could not find 'bundler' (2.1.4) required by your /home/site/wwwroot>/Gemfile.lock. (Gem::GemNotFoundException)
To update to the latest version installed on your system
To update to the latest version installed on your system, run `bundle update --bundler`.
To install the missing version, run `gem install bundler:2.1.4`

Running 'gem list bundler' on my local machine returns, I remove the defualt version.

bundler (2.1.4)

I've tried updating gem and it's 3.1.4.

I'm pretty sure I'm correctly pushing it to Azure, as I made a new app service and pushed my Rails app with bundler 2.1.4 and I've tried restarting the VM.

Quite new to Azure, so am pretty stuck on this.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64942437/rails-on-azure-app-service-could-not-find-bundler-2-1-4

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