"The attribute names could not be inferred from bind attribute ‘bind-value’" exception in Blazor

I've just migrated a Blazor project from Core 3 Preview 6 to Preview 8 and I'm now getting this error:

The attribute names could not be inferred from bind attribute 'bind-value'. Bind attributes should be of the form 'bind' or 'bind-value' along with their corresponding optional parameters like 'bind-value:event', 'bind:format' etc.

I've isolated the component that's causing this to happen, and the code certainly seems to bind-value set as per the instructions in the error message:

      <TelerikDropdownList Data="@State.ContainerSizes" 

I've tried removing the @ from @bind-Value and changing the capitalisation @bind-Valueetc. but all to no avail.

What can be causing this?

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57528902/the-attribute-names-could-not-be-inferred-from-bind-attribute-bind-value-exc

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