How to batch/mass rename multiple files using an XML file? (in Windows)

I have (in Windows) more of 6000 *.zip files in a directory, with short names like And in the same directory I have an XML file named gamelist.xml which inside have references to the short file names contained in the directory, something like this:

<game id="3x3puzzla" source="">
      <name>3X3 Puzzle (Normal)</name>

I want to rename the .zip files inside the directory into the name given in the label "< name > whatever </ name >", for example: changing the name given in < game id > like "3x3puzzla" into < name > like "3X3 Puzzle (Normal)".

I downloaded XMLstarlet, but I couldn't be able to make it work under Windows, and the only documentation I found was based in Linux. Those instructions didn't work in windows for me.

Thanks in advance. Regards.

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