Simple Moving Average Column-Wise in R

So I clean revenue data every quarter and I need to do the two quarter moving average to predict the next five year quarterly revenue for each individual product (I know this will just end up being the same average for now). Attached here is the data frame: Revenue Df

Right now I have the data in wide format, and you'll see I created the empty forecasting columns by have the user enter a start and end date for the forecast, then it creates the columns for every quarter between. How can I fill these forecast using a moving average? I also converted it to long, and still could not figure out how to fill the forecast. Also I know the 9-30-2020 shows in the forecast, we want to replace that with the actuals even if the user inputs that date for the forecast.

for(i in ncol(Revenue_df)){
  {Revenue_df[,i]<- Revenue_df[,i]}

Product<- c("a","b","c","d","e")
Revenue.3_30_2020<- c(50,40,30,20,10)
Revenue.6_30_2020<- c(50,45,28,19,17)
Revenue.9_30_2020<- c(25,20,22,17,24)

revenue<- data.frame(Product,Revenue.3_30_2020,Revenue.6_30_2020,Revenue.9_30_2020)

forecast.sequence<- c("2020-09-30","2020-12-31","2021-03-31","2021-06-30","2021-09-30","2021-12-31","2022-03-31"

forecast.sequence.amount<- paste("FC.Amount.",forecast.sequence)

I tried this code and it did not work, any suggestions? Also attached is the code for the sample data frame shown in the picture, sorry for the bad format this is my second time asking a question on here.

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