Some survey results for TF OSS tools you use. Survey still open!

Hey ya’ll! You may of seen this post a few weeks back asking for feedback. Well! Here is some results! I’d still like to gather data and will have more to share once it’s wrapped. I needed to add Terragrunt and also thanks for your very real commentary, which I posted below!

It’d be a HUGE help if you could take 5 minutes to respond to this survey. We’ll use it to inform us what tools we can build better experiences for. I will post the results too!

We especially heard you about documentation! I’ll be passing on the feedback directly to the team that manages documentation for Terraform.

“Dear God Fam…. Please… Actually try to make real documentation that isn’t just a function reference. I want best practices and how-to’s like the billions of five year old blogs ten versions behind I randomly find when I’m looking for docs”

This was my favorite quote. You guys really like the Terraform therapist question at the end!

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