UDM Pro keeps disconnecting…

I recently purchased a UDM Pro, NanoHD, and BeaconHD. I had everything up and running perfectly for a day or two the yesterday AM at 1am wifi disconnected. I unplugged and plugged back in the modem and that seemed to fix everything until about an hour ago (1pm the next day) when everything went offline again. Tried restarting the modem again and it fixed the issue for a couple minutes but then everything went offline. I've retried this a couple times now and am only able to get wifi back on for a few minutes at a time, which doesnt leave me much time to use the mobile app to connect as controller and see if I can make changes. My wife hates this machine now, please help me figure out what's going on!! I'm a relative newbie to home networking, but thought I did everything correctly. It was working fine before!!

Running version 1.8.5...wifi seems to be connecting sporadically on its own now and disconnecting very shortly thereafter.

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