My solution to the everlasting MS Word problem of Linux

Yeah, we all know this. MS Word isn't available on Linux and this is a problem for mass linux adoption. Most people who use Linux result to other office suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice which although have pretty good compatibility with MS Office they are not perfect (although I personally never had a problem). This post is about Emacs and its Org-mode and why I consider it a very viable and at times (especially for the seasoned Emacs user) even better alternative to these kind of rich text editors. I wanted the entry level of it to not be too high so I explain some basics of Emacs but its not a detailed how to for Emacs.

You can find the post here (would have put it here but reddit has a word limit and I go in detail, so I just uploaded it to my github).

If you would like, give it a look, I consider this a good resource. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Its kind of an unorthodox way of doing it, but I personally love it and think more people should adopt it and hopefully this post might help.

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