Best way to organize project for CI/CD with ECS and Terraform

Most of our microservics are in ECS. Each microservies is a docker. Each of the these microservics are seperate project. We are going to use JFrog as our CI/CD.

What would be the best way to arrange the projects so that terraform deploy these servics. The cluster , loadbanacer are common resources and target groups resource is for each of the microservice/Docker.

Do all of there resources go in a single project or should they be attached to each of the microservice project?

Can each if the resources updated and applied seperatesly so that only the one resource gets updated or does the whole terrform project needs to run even though only a singe resoruce has been updated.?

What whould should be the best approach organize the project and invoke to project to deploy the docker in ECS each time there is an update to the application.

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