First of all, I love Linux…

now everything I write from now on is probably going to lower my karma to infinity.

why does everything I need to setup on linux has to go through a terminal or editing some conf files?

why do I have to do research everytime I need a solution for something in endless threads on endless forums?

I´m a programmer now for almost 20 years, if I have to say my speciality would probably be making user interfaces, and my passion would be making games.

that being said, user interface in linux is pure absolute crap, it feels like I´m in the 70s or something, everything is done as a CLI, user friendly might be considered blasphemy for all I know.

it feels like everything mac and windows do is hated in such a level that linux developers refuse to acknowledge anything good about it.

there, I said it.

unfortunately I have no deeper knowledge into OS programming and can´t do anything to help, if you´re thinking about commenting something like "hey you little shit, why don´t you help?" and you know what? I want to help, but it feels like I need to go through endless forums just to learn basic stuff, and I´m really sorry if I´m not smart like you guys, but I´m not an idiot either, I know concepts like multi processing paralellism, manual memory management, compute and graphics shaders, also basic stuff like file system access, parsing and serializing, encryption, hashing algorithms, raymarching, celullar automata and some other stuff, and also I am a data scientist that uses python with keras to do some analytical stuff, but most of it are just as a hobby.

but MAN does it feel like it is intentional that you guys are making it difficult, by making it only accessible for those who you deem worthy, and I know that if I feel this way there must be others.


please, PLEASE, point me in the direction where there is good, well documented instructions on how everything works inside Linux, so I can start making really cool GUI for setting up all kinds of shit for Linux, and I´m sorry, I have ADHD and reading is not really easy for me, so it might be just me

thank you for everything you guys do, besides GUI, you have done amazing things not just for me but for society and humankind

and please don´t hate me, I just needed to get this off my chest

EDIT: I just thought there might be a queue for something that needs to be done to improve linux, like a roadmap or something, maybe I can start there picking stuff I enjoy doing

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