How can I update the email addresses in my associated GPG key?

I have a GPG key, which I use to sign all my commits. I'm about to lose one email address and obtain a new one. The key itself on my machine has been updated to reflect that, i.e. I've deleted one sub-key and added another, but the parent key is still the same and has the same ID etc.

The thing is, GitHub still believes my key to be associated with the old email and not the new one, because it hasn't got the updated public key. This makes sense, but I want to update it. GitHub won't let me upload a new key with the same ID as an existing one, but if I go to delete the existing one it warns me that Any commits you signed with this key will become unverified after removing it.. I don't want that to happen.

If I delete my existing key, and then upload the new version which has the same key ID, what will happen to my previously signed commits? Will they show as signed again? What about those commits which were uploaded with a git setting of an email address which no longer exists as a subkey of the newly uploaded public key?

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