What is the ‘main’ branch in github? (github beginner)

For university I got a github repository I need to update with my project. They already made a folder structure in the repository. I'm a total github noob, so what I did might be dumb.

I locally, before I heard of the github repository, already created my project. Then I tried to 'upload' it to the repository by following some online tutorials. But now, the 'master' branch only consists of my local folder and I can't even click on it.

My question is, IDEK if the 'master' existed prior to my messing around with it. There are currently three branches: 'main (default)', 'feedback' and 'master'. The first two only have the folder structure I was given. In which branch should I work? Online I read that the master branch is the final production branch, but the main branch is the default?

I'm just totally lost. Can someone provide some clarity? Thanks!

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