Checking out software based on available licenses, but like a library?

I work for a school and I've been tasked to begin speccing out an M365 Intune tenant for managing PCs, but we're also interested in exploring VDI to functionally replace our labs, since our school is limiting access to the campus buildings.

One area that I'm unsure about is how to handle software for which there are limited numbers of licenses. For example, we might have 10 registered copies of MonkeyMath, but we might have a virtual lab of 20 devices. We expect that up to ten people will need to use MonkeyMath, but 11 people might try to open it through the VDI-based lab. We need to block the tenth instance.

In effect, we'd need to check-in and check-out software and dynamically assign and unassign it from users and/or devices. I know that it's possible to assign an application to a given user, device or group, but for this to work it would need to keep count and assign on the fly, like a digital library.

Do such features exist in VDI/RemoteApp?

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