Ubiquiti RMA Experience(Amazon)

I’ve noticed some discussion about Ubiquiti warranties vs authorized dealers vs Amazon, I’m sharing a recent experience with the intention of being helpful. Some of you may have noticed that Ubiquiti recently changed their RMA request system. I run a small VAR and I’ve had to return a few switches purchased for resale from Amazon over the years. It used to be that if you provided the MAC and proof of sale they’d take the RMA. In my experience this has always worked, and 6-8 weeks later I’d get a brand new switch.

Today was the first time I’ve tried to use it since they changed to the new RMA system. I had a US-8-60W offline at a client site, totally dead & there are small sparks when you plug in the power supply. It was purchased last September from a dealer on AMZ. When the new RMA system compares your MAC to their sales records up pops some suggestions for the sales agent. In this case the suggestion was Scansource, a large IT distributor. Now, I didn’t purchase direct from Scansource, rather Amazon and the dealer TWAcomm.com. I’d actually never heard of TWAcomm.com until today, I don’t always pay attention to who I purchase from on AMZ. I assume they are an authorized dealer, they offer UI parts on their commerce site. So I manually enter the dealer’s address and put that I bought it on Amazon in the notes. The RMA process didn’t require proof of purchase, unlike before. To my surprise my RMA was approved very quickly and I’ve already shipped it off.

I’m guessing this was mostly because the MAC identified the part as being manufactured less than a year ago, rather than if it was purchased form an authorized reseller. But who knows? It would be nice if UI would provide warranty status search function like other large IT manufacturers.

I’ve pretty much stopped buying Ubiquiti parts on AMZ. It used to be that the pricing was competitive with wholesale distributors. That’s no longer the case and I pretty much only purchase from a distributor located in the state where I live. The distributor is obviously an authorized reseller.

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