Route all traffic through a VPN?

Good afternoon, I hope I am in the right place. I have 10 Unifi devices at home, a few days ago the UDM Pro was added. I've been using Unifi APs and switches for years, I thought the firewall was not bad either but I'm absolutely disappointed because it offers hardly any functions. It can't do OpenVPN server, you can't configure it as OpenVPN client, only PPTP is supported as client which is absolutely insecure, WireGuard performance is absolutely terrible, you only get 30-40Mbits.

I would like to route all my traffic or individual VLANs completely via an OpenVPN or IPSec VPN. Is it possible to implement this in such a way that I can control it easily or is this all only possible via custom configuration, if at all?

It's a real shame that the UDM has so little performance that you quickly reach the limits here, at least when it comes to VPN topics. Before that, I had OpnSense on a MiniPC, which ran without problems.

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