Unifi switch speeds are significantly lower than cable modem


The download and upload speeds coming out of my 16 port Unifi switch are significantly lower than what the cable model is reporting.

The cable model is reporting 460mbps download and 60mbps upload. The switch is reporting 110 mbps download and 4 mbps upload. The Unifi AP’s are reporting the same as the switch.

Any ideas on what I should look for and tweak? Any help is appreciated.

My setup in our 2 story home is as follows.

Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen 2 running Unifi Controller and Protect

USG-3P and 16 port Unifi Switch

2 UAP-IW-HD, 1 on each floor

4 external POE Unifi Protect cameras

The two AP radios are configured as

2G -Auto HT40

5G - Auto HT80

The transmit power is set to auto for both

Allow meshing with other AP’s is enabled

The cable model is connected to the USG which is then connected to the switch.

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