Major network issues since most recent updates to Unifi environment

Hi /r/UNIFI ,

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm having some major issues with my Unifi environment at home and could really use some help troubleshooting.

My equipment:


Unifi Cloud Key gen 1

Unifi AP-AC-PRO (satellite, wired)

Unifi AP-AC-Lite (primary, wired)

Fast roaming is enabled between the two AP's.

Recently (a couple of weeks back) I went and updated all my unifi equipment to the lastest software/firmware as I was a couple versions behind on each device. As soon as all the upgrades were complete I started having issues.

Initially it started like this:

I ran the updates at 6:40PM on a Thursday. They completed by 6:45-6:50PM on everything. Then every Thursday after that at exactly 6:40-6:50PM all my devices on my 5GHz network would lose DHCP. They would say they were connected but couldn't go anywhere/do anything. Devices on the 2.4GHz network were fine however and the wired network was fine. The only resolution I found was to reboot both AP's.

Then after a couple of weeks it's evolved to both the 2.4GHz network and the 5GHz network experiencing the same issue.

Now it's literally happening every day and I'm losing my mind because there are times I have to reboot the AP's more than once.

I'm at a loss here as to whats causing this. Does anyone have any input or ideas? Not 100% sure what other info is needed but I'm happy to provide any and all info I can.

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