Need Help with Making an idiot-proof Linux Distro based on Fedora Silverblue


I wanted help with making an idiot proof Linux distro, with the kind of setup that literally , cannot be broken by the user. I am not a tech person, hence I do not have the skills to make it myself, but I have a vision and because I've been using Linux for a few years now, I kind of have an idea as to how it can be made possible. Eventually, I plan to ship it as an OS with a Linux computer company that I plan to make for the masses, price wise and usability wise. I wanted to know if anyone would like to help me with this OS. I'd also be happy if existing Linux PC manufacturers look into this idea and implement it. My goal is not fame or money, it's just that I want people to have an open source truly privacy respective alternative digital ecosystem unlike the closed source Apple and Microsoft of today. Feel free to take this idea and please implement it right. I'll do it if nobody else does in the next 2 years. My ultimate goals in life is to be a professor of digital marketing as that is my specialisation. But I believe in practicing what I preach and would like to have a small mark in this way to make sure that digital marketing can exist with open source software too. This is just a start to an Open Source revolution that I plan to execute.

This is how I see the OS to look like. I'm not sure if all of this is possible, but I'm sure most of what I require can be made possible:

1) Based on a immutable OS - I'd choose Fedora Silverblue because I spoke to their team lead and he thinks it's possible, but may have to fork Silverblue if I require a bit more customisation, that is where I need the help of developers like you.

2) This OS would have NO TERMINAL. Idiot proofing cannot exist in an OS if the user has root access. This is an OS for non technical people that would never break on them, so please do not take offence thinking is against the Linux philosophy.

3) Flatpaks only in the software repository built in. I plan to launch this only in the next 2 years, most programs most people use are already on flatpak or will be coming to flatpak with the increasing user base. Silverblue does come with dnf repos and open source flatpak, but they do give an easy toggle to enable proprietary flatpaks. This isn't a big deal as it would be on a non immutable OS. Also, flatpaks are containers which great reduces any privacy concerns that might overflow from just using that applications to affecting other applications or the system.

4) It will have an initial set up like Garuda Linux has with their ultimate edition which will ask the user the software he/she needs upon first boot and will install it all for him/her as flatpaks/app images.

5) It would have a built in dark theme that can be toggled from an "Appearance" tab in the settings app. Silverblue ships without GNOME Tweaks tool and I wouldn't want it in the OS and it may break GNOME if the user blindly tweaks it. But I would want the OS to give a simple system wide dark theme toggle.

6) All updates happen in the background and the user only gets a notification that the update has been completed and installed when the system has been restarted.

7) 1 click GUI roll back option for both the system and the files without setting up any timeshift, it's already there via terminal in Silverblue.

8) The underlying immutable OS has to be untouched to benefit from Fedora updates.

9) It should support libreboot/coreboot and should work with open source firmware exclusively, at least out of the box.

10) ARM architecture to reduce the price of the product and increase battery life.

These are the edits I would make to Silverblue if I had the skills to make it an OS, so that literally anyone can use it and not break it. Feel free to suggest any changes or things that can help make this OS possible.

What would this developer get out of helping me?

1) I plan to ship this OS along with open source hardware. If I make it and when that happens, you will get a share of the profits.

2) You will also be a part of tech team of the company if and when it exists.

I don't see a reason why people should do it for those conditions, so name your price if you'd like to have it that way. I'm just a student right now and this is more of a start up for me. I can excel the business side of things, but I'm looking for a Steve Wozniak without whom a Steve Jobs like me could never exist.


I have a year's time to develop this prototype of the OS and 2 year's time to develop the whole system - hardware, firmware, OS.

What if you want to take my idea and not want to work with me?

Well, go ahead. I've a lot of plans in life and I'm not worried that I'll be heartbroken if someone stole this idea or that I'd go bankrupt otherwise. I'm financially reasonably well off even as just a student now and I'm just doing this cause I want Linux to be available to anyone and everyone, and not just rich people who can afford System76 computers, the Clevo hardware is excellent and System76 does an awesome job with software too, but no OS is idiot proof as long as it has a terminal and it's not immutable. I like what Slimbook is doing, but I would ideally have them ship an OS the way I envision it and it an ARM architecture with their current build quality which looks really good through the reviews I've seen. And they price it well too! But I think ARM chips can reduce the price to 300 to 400 USD for the same build quality.

This is what I would like to see happen in the world. If existing Linux companies can do it, please do so, else if anyone else shares this vision, please let me know and help me out.

So the question is,

Would you be my Steve Wozniak to me- Steve Jobs ?

Regardless, thanks for reading this, you have a Good Day!

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