Is ONLYOFFICE a web-app ?

Hi friends,

I was watching a video from TheLinuxExperiment about ONLYOFFICE and I've heard him say a couple of times that it's actually a web-application rather than a full program. (This video :

This made me think a bit, because I always thought a web-app was just a website designed as an application but was still running within a browser and required internet to work (since you don't really install anything).

But in the case of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors (and not the one used within a cloud) requires an installation on your machine and actually works offline without a browser. Which makes it more like LibreOffice than Google Docs and Office online (which are from what I know, actual web-apps).

Is there something I didn't understand about web-application ? Or is the person in the video simply making a small mistake about web-applications and programs ?

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