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In case you don't know, elive is a lightweight linux distro (some versions are 32 bit and non-PAE) with the enlightenment window manager. I installed the E16 beta version on an 18 year old Pentium M tablet PC, and to my surprise, everything from the wacom pen to the shortcut buttons worked! I now use that as a secondary computer for note taking, media playback, and basic web browsing... and somehow elive was light enough for running google meet! It only uses around 200-300MB RAM on boot, depending on your startup services (like Conky or Compiz) as it has an older lightweight window manager, so it uses slightly less resources than XP on there...which enables web browsing to be somewhat usable. I watch a lot of anime, and streaming was also enjoyable. I did reach some downsides though. One was just because it is 18 years old...WebGL isn't working properly so I can't use Jamboard, and I also can't stream netflix on there because apparently the latest version of firefox is "unsupported". The one thing that bugged me about the OS itself was a slightly lacking amount of modern themes for e16, and when I installed the latest version of enlightenment, the entire computer crashed when I attempted to install a theme. Please do add a native E17 option:)

Other than that, it's a speedy great OS with funny commentary on the installer. When I get a chance, I'll be sure to donate!


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