Looking for projects like Fork the Cookbook

Hello. I’m a designer. I’m hoping to use GitHub as a place for experimental designers to come together and share their work. In experimental design, people try and create new materials or find alternative uses for existing materials. But designers are always having to reinvent the wheel because we don’t have any good open source knowledge bases on what materials other designers have developed.

I’m trying to find examples that are similar to what I’m hoping to do: non-coding projects where multiple people can contribute formulas/recipes and fork those recipes. I’m very new to GitHub so want to find examples so that I can better understand what I can and can’t do with it. Fork the Cookbook sounds just like what I’d want, but their URL seems to have been taken over by some business.

Does anyone have any examples of projects/communities/orgs that use GitHub in a similar manner to how I described? Especially if the project integrates GitHub with a website. Thank you very much!

TLDR: looking for non-coding uses of GitHub where multiple people upload different projects and can fork them

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