[HELP] Very new to GitHub and confused what I’m doing wrong to use a program

EDIT: I have a 2019 iMac so Windows .exe will not work.

Very sorry for the most noob post this forum will ever see. I am familiar with the concept of GitHub but having trouble downloading and using a GitHub release and any help from this sub would be GREATLY appreciated.

MY ask is a big embarrassing but here it goes. I am a single guy and have many adult films on my computer. About 100 videos, I am organized in my personal life and so....I want to be organized on my computer including porn as well. lol. I googled "porn organizer" and there is a program called stash and here is the GitHub...how the heck do I download and use it? I am used to things like the App Store where you download, it launches, and BOOM. The screenshots of this program look like a real app, but I don't see a download button on ANY of these github programs...what am I missing from a simple user interface perspective. It can't really be this difficult can it?

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