Hi Guys, Just joined this community and I was asking a question about this so called "virus" I somehow got when I was searching through my laptop.

Ok, So, Like I said, I'm new to this community and was wondering if anyone knew about this virus called trojan:win32/woreflint.a!cl and was wondering if anyone has any info on this. Am kind of worried cause for some reason, CMD popped up when twice when I was watching Sonic X today and then my whole PC froze, Then my Audio Driver said it wasn't installed. I tried to use the Get Help Troubleshooter, But it didn't help, So, The only way to solve this was to restart it.

Really weird If you ask me, I guess my laptop didn't want me watching Sonic X 😂. Anyway, Would be great full if someone can provide me info on this virus, I looked it up and it really didn't tell me anything. Thanks a bunch!

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