WhizLabs for AZ-900 Training?

Hello all, I've been using Tim Warner's YouTube videos, (they're excellent) and WhizLabs practice exams for knowledge checking. The more practice exams I take, the more I feel I'm wasting my time on this WhizLabs website.

Example 1: There's a question which shows about 30 lines of JSON code for each multiple choice answer. I need to determine which line of code has invalid characters.

Example 2: Questions are being asked which aren't covered on Microsoft Learn. Other "students" had pointed this out as far back as May 2020, yet the questions remain on the practice exams.

I feel like I'm being asked to learn way beyond what's required for a "non-technical, Fundamentals" cert.

Has anyone here had success using the WhizLabs training course? Have any recommendation of other training/exam materials I can use? (preferably English)

Thanks in advance and be safe out there.

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