USG interface "No connection" but everything is fine?

I am new to Unifi equipment. I have a UAP-AC-LR and a USG-3P for my home LAN. I am running Controller in a Docker container running on a Pi 3 B+. Everything is working great despite having to double NAT because my ISP equipment insists on being a router.But I have 2 head scratchers that I'm wondering if someone smarter than I can explain.

  1. If I visit the USG-3P admin page via its LAN IP, it always displays the banner "The Gateway is unable to connect to the Internet". The WAN settings (that I can see in the Controller UI) do not show on that admin page with that entire section being blank except the "Static IP" setting of the Connection Type field. Whats up with that?
  2. The Dashboard page of Controller says "Network: Bad" but no explanation why. I can tell it is not "Bad" and speed tests are giving me figures close to the service levels I am expecting. The Latency graph shows no line but the SpeedTest widget shows 8ms. I think its interpeting no latency figures as "bad" but I have no idea how to activate latency checking. Pointers?

Thank you.

EDIT: I've just noticed that if I hover over the red "Attention" it says "No internet connection detected". How can I get it to detect?

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