WVD – Multi Session Outlook Sign In Issues

In a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, users are using a multi session Microsoft 365 edition. User profiles are handled through FSLogix.

There's an issue in which Outlook will enter a disconnected state and when we try to sign in - the sign in prompt will pop up and then immediately.

There's a few reg fixes out there, but those disable modern authentication which we don't want. Additionally, we could blow away the whole profile and recreate it, but we have a lot of people having this problem and it would be a lot of work to do that when I don't know a root cause.

We've tried:

-Clearing up any potential DNS issues

-Ran support and recovery assistant. This fixed it for one day and then went back to having issues

-Repair install of Microsoft 365

-Blew away one session host VM and replaced it with another on the off chance the machine was bad. again this fixed it for a day and then it came back.

-Dumped all cached credentials, attempted to recreate outlook profile

Can't find anything consistent in event logs that give me a direction.

Anyone know of anything that could help resolve this? If we need to recreate the local profile, fine, but we have close to a dozen or so users experiencing this and it would take nearly all day(s) to do.

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