I need someone whose good at understanding transfer speeds’ help

I have a Plex server set up, with a movie that has a bitrate of 71mbps. I used to have a hardwired connection between my Xbox Series X and Plex server, but am unable to currently.

Hardwired, I had no issues. But wireless, my Xbox buffers every minute or so.

Of course, my Xbox is accessing my Plex server over LAN, with direct play enabled (i.e. no compression or transcoding -- just raw file transfer). Plex server has a gigabit connection, wired directly to USG.

I have 1x UniFi AP-LR (non-WiFi 6 version) in a 750 sq. ft apartment, with the AP in the same room as the Xbox.

Why would it be buffering wirelessly? My Xbox can download games at 400-500mbps from Xbox servers, and gets a 990mbp/s download/upload speed test.

Do I need to get a different AP?

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