UAP-AC InWall is ‘collecting’ large numbers of clients and bogging down

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue.

I have a two story house with two Nano-HD's upstairs and one downstairs. I had a couple of small spots where signal was lower than I would like, and so installed an in-wall AP-AC to boost that.

Now I have a total of around 45 devices hooked up wirelessly (almost all IoT devices). Every once in a while, I will notice things being slow to respond, and when I check in the controller UI, the little in-wall unit has somewhere between 30-40 clients attached to it, with my Nano-HD's only having maybe 3-4 each. If I then cycle power on my POE switch (hence restarting all AP's), everything goes back to normal until a few days later when the same thing happens. All AP's are set to Low power across the board, including the in-wall units. All AP's are using the most recently released firmware. There seems to be nothing in Events or Alerts pointing to a problem.

Simply by disabling the radios on the in-wall unit, everything stays great for weeks on end with no issues (except for the small pocket of wifi weakness I was originally trying to solve.

This is a bit anecdotal, and may sound strange, but it almost seems to be firmware related. It was happening for a while earlier in the year, and then at some point went away for months, but seemed to re-appear at around the same time as the last set of AP firmware upgrades. This may just be a coincidence or the artifact of a mind that has been alone in my house on COVID lockdown for far too long :).

I was just curious if my experience is an anomaly, or if anyone else has seen this behavior?


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