File Stapler – HELP with GitHub Large File Storage please!

File Stapler - HELP with GitHub Large File Storage please!


I'm a total noob / inexperienced furniture maker looking for help with a semi complete / not complete at all GitHub project. I'm looking for help with GitHub LFS (large file storage)

I designed a piece of software, but was let down by the developers. I'm now trying to open it up as opensource but having trouble hosting it on GitHub as it's too big (the devs persuaded me to use Electron which has made it totally overbloated).

Here is the full story on my website:

Here is the GitHub post (with no software uploaded!)

I've tried to understand how to integrate the Large File Storage with GitHub but I'm totally lost. If someone is able to assist me with this it would be amazingly helpful.

Any alternative suggestions are also welcome.


File Staple basic demo

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