Creating servers in linux is easier than windows

I remember in school, I was given an assignment about various servers, with centos and windows server both. I NEVER EVER used any linux until then. Nor did I touch any CMD's at all. The assignment was about servers like ftp, mail servers, web servers etc.

I was kinda sad that I got this assignment but, centos was rather easier, even though it was on cmd mostly. Windows on the other hand... Spaghetti of GUI's and GUI's of inception... Maybe I sucked at it but it was obscure.

Linux was kinda fun though. And a little faster. I liked the UI and all. Then I learned about Ubuntu. Wanted to check that out, word was out that, "developers" were using that. Ok so I got hyped. That's what it made me come all the way, 3 years ago. Now I use it as a desktop aswell. It works fine.

So thats my story.

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