Having issues with two WiFi6 LRs seamless mesh hand overs

It does really do a good job of transitioning from one AP to the other. What I mean by that is sometimes I’ll be on my upstairs AP and go to the basement, be standing right under my basement AP and it not switch over to the basement AP at all, mean while I eventually get booted from my upstairs AP due to my minimum RSSI setting of 70. Sometime after 5-10 minutes it may eventually pick up the basement AP, or if I reset my phone it seems to pick it up in 1-2 mins as opposed to the aforementioned 5-10. Example number two, I’m on my basement AP, on my ground floor where I know I get good enough signal for the Upstairs AP and it doesn’t switch over and again, I get booted from the AP I was on due to the minimum RSSI of -70. I know what some will suggest, raise that number. The problem is when I get to -72 to -74 range my iPhone get that signal pretty much all over the house from either AP so it never seems to switch to a much better signal AP.

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