UInput keyboard remapper (Qwerty to Dvorak)

Made a python program that uses uinput stuff to remap my keyboard from a qwerty layout to a dvorak layout.

I developed this solution because using something like setxkbmap or anything similar relies on using the X11 system, which obviously doesn't work if you are not using X11 or are in the TTY thing (not entirely sure what the correct name for that is)


The basics of the way it works is it intercepts all signals sent via the keyboard and translates them to the other layout. It sends them via a newly created uinput device because that was less buggy in my experience.

UInput is super cool stuff and way better than xtest/other methods.

Only dvorak is really fully supported but I'll probably get around to adding the other common layouts.

I'd also like to add (or maybe a different program) that makes it easy to create "macro keyboards" IE have a json file that includes info about what keyboard to grab and how to translate key strokes to run different programs.

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!

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