30 minutes in and i want to quit already.

Junior web developer. I heard that linux is better for programming, dont know exactly why, but anyway i wanted to change the surroundings by moving to linux. I installed Ubuntu, had some bugs with The display saying it is 60hz but the cursor was moving at 30, i restarted the computer 10 Times and after i entered in the bios by mistake, the cursor problem somehow dissapeared. Anyway.. I wanted to install google but hey, everything that has a .exe does not work so i had to google 10 minutes for some terminal commands to install google. Yes, it is fancy, i Believe it is more secure but i do not feel confortabile in it and i will not lose hours googling on how to download notion, node and vscode through fancy cmds. So, what are the reasons that i should pursue this linux road and not go back to Windows tomorrow morning?

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