Connecting MacOS to Azure VNG

Hello Everyone, I am not sure where else to turn to. My boss is on my ass, and I have one fucking MacOS in my whole fucking environment. Just one user, who I am struggling to find a solution for. I have very little MacOS experience and am definitely much more comfortable with Windows machines. I'm also an idiot who google's most of my solutions.

I am just trying to get a VPN connection set up for our user so they can reach our resources.

I looked at Tunnelblick and OpenVPN and just stare at them as if I'm looking into a dark black pit. I cant seem to get Apple or Microsoft to assist me and at this point I'm just banging my head against my desk.

Idek where to begin, and at this point I feel like I've tried everything. Im trying to manually configure an IKEv2 VPN client on the MacOS

I've imported the VPNServerRoot.cer, and it only appears in 'certificates', but not under "my certificates" in keychain.

If there is anyone who has successfully connected a MacOS to Azure. I could really use your assistance. Im not even sure what I've explained has made any sense. XD

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