Is it possible to implement CI in any extent when using private libraries?


So I am working on a public & open source csharp project that uses closed source and private libraries from a third party. I would like to have some basic CI functionality within the project, but the only way I can figure out how to do that is to add the .dll's to the repo (which is out of the question sadly). When the underlying product ships there may be a public API I can use but as of right now all I have access to is the .dll's protected by many copyright licenses.

I've never added proper CI (no unit testing or anything. Just basic build/fail functionality); so I am really unsure about the limitations regarding stuff like this.

I know r/github may not be the best place for this as its could be construed as a issue regarding git itself but I'm hopping there's some feature or something on the website that can remedy this. Thanks.

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