Help with UniFi topology

Hey all,

Currently facing some difficulty in working out how to get my current setup to work as intended. Listed below are what devices I have and how they are connected.

My goals for this topology is to have my lab network in the basement separated from my home network with a computer connected to the lab network in the attic. Both networks should have internet access.

Home network is designated Lab Network is

Devices: UniFi Controller UniFi USG 4 Pro UniFi 8 port w/ poe UniFi AP (AP for lab network) Asus router(router/AP for home network) two tp link 'dumb' switches

Part of the difficulty in setting up this topology correctly is that my lab network with all Unifi gear is in the basement. There is an ISP internet connection that comes from a wire on the second floor. My main personal computer which I need to be connected to the lab is in the attic.

Current Topology:

2nd floor -> ISP connection -> asus router -> dumb switch in basement -> dumb switch to wan port of USG pro 4 -> lan port USG to lan port on unifi 24 port switch -> rest of lab equipment.

There is another cable going from the asus router to the attic to another dumb switch which goes to a computer that needs to be connected to lab network.

I understand VLANS are the answer to this problem. I would like to try to solve this and get this working without purchasing other devices if possible. Ideally I would like my 8 port unifi switch somewhere in here to separate the networks via vlans however my unifi controller is unable to detect the unifi 8 port switch unless I plug it directly into the unifi 24 port switch which doesn't really help me.

Any advice in setting up this topology?

Thank you!

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