Reduce App Service costs during slow traffic periods

I have a Azure App Service website, that hosts my website. The nature of the website leads to nearly all of the traffic coming in once a year, in the August-September timeframe. Since about mid-September, I've been averaging less than 10 users a week, according to google analytics, and the average time spent on the site is quite low.

I'm currently on a B1 plan, and I don't want to drop down to a shared plan, as I want to keep my custom domain. I turned off the "always on" setting, and anticipated that it would allow my site to go dormant while there isn't any activity. Based on my billing, it doesn't seem like it's ever shutting off.

Is there something else I need to adjust to allow my app to go dormant when not in use, while still maintaining my custom domain? If not, is there anything else I can do to minimize my costs during the slow part of my year?

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