The world needs open source CCTV Design alternatives

If you know anyone who codes and is looking for a useful project that could be very popular, the world is in need of an open source application to design CCTV maps.

I am needing to make a map of a CCTV system and the camera viewing angles and such. I know I can use Gimp or Inkscape or many other web tools to stamp some camera icons on a map. I wanted to use some software that would calculate viewing angles and then give me a highlighted viewing area that matched the viewing angle so that I could create an accurate CCTV map. Of course I found 2-3 proprietary software options out there. Naturally I went to and saw that there are only two listed and they are proprietary options for Windows and are $$$.

If anyone knows of a good free or reasonably priced tool that will help me with my task please share.


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