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Hi there, I'm pretty new in Azure, but I have overcome some issues with documentation and reddit :)
There is just one final piece that I cannot solve.

The design is pretty common I guess:
a couple of vNets with servers, one vNet dedicate for security with a pair of active/active Palos and a load balancer, a VPN connection to the corporate network, and finally, a vHub where everything is attached.
The goal is to create several routing tables in order to steer the traffic easily and that is still fine, but the problem is to configure a default route in the vHub pointing to Palo Alto (load balancer).

In the documentation I found:
"Virtual Hub does not support static route for and next hop Virtual Network Connection (or an IP of an appliance in the VNet connection)"

Right now the only way was to add a static like, but it goes against any logic.

Anyone having the same issue?

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