Other than development, how do you use Linux at work?

Hi everyone. I use Linux at home (Debian on one computer, Pop OS on another) and had some friends over recently to watch movies. As soon as I powered on my HTPC, I got a few questions over linux and why not an Apple TV, Amazon Fire stick, or Google Chromecast. I didn't want to go full 'Linux is amazing!' mode on them but let them know how easy it is to use, how stable, how productive it can be, etc and saw the sparkle in their eyes. Needless to say, we have new members to the community now. I also mentioned how easy it is if your workflow is web based and then thought....... Outside of app developers, system admins and web developers.... Who else uses it for work?

I would love to use it for work but have to use the Adobe Creative Cloud and need stability so it's out. Although many of our office staff could easily do it since they rely on email and a few websites. If you use it at work, what do you do and how do you use Linux?

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